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ACT Tutor – Prep Information for the ACT is an independent source of unbiased information on the ACT. We'll show you how to make informed choices on standardized testing and help you prepare for strong test scores. Administered by American College Testing, a non-profit education group, the ACT is taken by more than 2 million students annually. In some states, the ACT is given to every high school student (college-bound or not) for policy, assessment, and research purposes. The ACT is widely accepted by universities in the United States, and is chosen by more applicants than the SAT at many schools. National admissions data seem to indicate that both tests are viewed on an equal footing, and that neither test gives an inherent advantage in the admissions process. Students should choose the ACT over the SAT if they have legitimate reasons to believe the ACT presents their abilities in the best possible light.

The links on the left side of the page will allow you to easily navigate our website. The "About" section includes an overview for students considering the ACT. To learn how to find test dates and sign up, click on "Registration." Information on the content of the ACT exam can be found via the "Sections" link, while "Preparation" surveys the most popular methods of studying for the test. See "FAQ" for answers to questions commonly asked by test-takers, and you can email us for more specific information by clicking on "Contact."

ACT testing, which is available around the world, is organized by academic year. In the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada, there are seven test dates between September and the following July, at intervals of approximately 6-8 weeks. In other countries, there are five test dates between September and the following June. The ACT website lists all test dates for the next two academic years, and students may search for test centers nationally and internationally. Students are advised to regularly visit the ACT website for important information on registration and preparation.

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